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アチーブ;アチーヴ(ik) /(n) (1) achieve/(2) (abbr) (See アチーブメントテスト) achievement test

トリプルスリー;トリプル・スリー /(n) {baseb} achieving over 300 runs, hitting over 30 home runs and stealing over 30 bases in a season (wasei: triple three)

為す(P);成す(P) [なす] /(v5s,vt) (1) (uk) (esp. 成す) to build up/to establish/(2) (uk) (esp. 成す) to form/to become (a state)/(3) (uk) to accomplish/to achieve/to succeed in/(4) (uk) to change into/(5) (uk) (esp. 為す) to do/to perform/(aux-v) (6) (arch) to intend to/to attempt/to try

一喝 [いっかつ] /(n,vs) (1) sharp, loud rebuke/bark/roar/(2) (See 喝・かつ・1) rebuke used in Zen to achieve enlightenment

一旗あげる;一旗揚げる [ひとはたあげる] /(exp,v1) to make a name for oneself/to achieve success

引っ張りタイヤ [ひっぱりタイヤ] /(n) stretched tire (tyre)/narrow tire mounted on a wide rim to achieve a low-profile look

運根鈍 [うんこんどん] /(n) luck, steadfastness and patience (the three keys to achieving success)

縁覚 [えんがく] /(n) {Buddh} pratyekabuddha (one who achieves enlightenment without a teacher)

果たす(P);果す [はたす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to accomplish/to achieve/to carry out/to fulfill/to fulfil/to realize/to execute/to perform/to do/(v5s,aux-v) (2) (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... completely/to do ... entirely

結果的 [けっかてき] /(adj-na) concerning the result (as opposed to the means used to achieve this result or the original goal)

結実 [けつじつ] /(n,vs) (1) fruition/fructification/bearing fruit/(2) being successful/achieving success/bearing fruit (idea, plan, ambition)/realization/realisation

遣り通す;やり通す [やりとおす] /(v5s) to carry through/to achieve/to complete

悟りを開く [さとりをひらく] /(exp,v5k) to achieve enlightenment/to attain enlightenment

高校卒業程度認定試験 [こうこうそつぎょうていどにんていしけん] /(n) (abbr) (See 高等学校卒業程度認定試験) Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates/Japanese high-school equivalency examination

高等学校卒業程度認定試験 [こうとうがっこうそつぎょうていどにんていしけん] /(n) Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates/Japanese high-school equivalency examination

高認 [こうにん] /(n) (abbr) (See 高校卒業程度認定試験) Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates/Japanese high-school equivalency examination

済美 [せいび] /(n) achieving virtue

三昧 [さんまい;ざんまい] /(n) (1) (さんまい only) {Buddh} samadhi (state of intense concentration achieved through meditation) (san:)/(n-suf) (2) (usu. ざんまい) concentrating on something/absorbing oneself in something/indulging in something

思いを遂げる;想いを遂げる [おもいをとげる] /(exp,v1) to achieve one's desire

実をあげる;実を挙げる [じつをあげる] /(exp,v1) to achieve/to bring about a result

収む;納む [おさむ] /(v2m-s,vt) (1) (arch) to dedicate/to make an offering/to pay (fees)/(2) (arch) to supply/(3) (arch) to store/(4) (arch) to finish/to bring to a close/(5) (arch) to restore (something to its place)/(6) (arch) to achieve (e.g. a result)

収める(P);納める(P) [おさめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to dedicate/to make an offering/to pay (fees)/(2) to supply/(3) to store/(4) to finish/to bring to a close/(5) to restore (something to its place)/(6) to achieve (e.g. a result)

出世払い [しゅっせばらい] /(n) promise to repay a debt after achieving promotion or success

出来す;出かす [でかす] /(v5s,vt) to do/to commit/to accomplish/to achieve

初日が出る [しょにちがでる] /(exp,v1) {sumo} to achieve one's first victory after a string of losses

初日を出す [しょにちをだす] /(exp,v5s) {sumo} to achieve one's first victory after a string of losses

勝ち得る;勝得る;贏ち得る [かちえる] /(v1,vt) to achieve/to win/to gain/to attain

乗り出す(P);乗出す [のりだす(P);のりいだす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to set out/to set sail/(2) to embark on (a new venture)/to set out (to achieve something)/(3) to begin to ride/(4) to lean forward

身を起こす [みをおこす] /(exp,v5s) (1) to get up (e.g. from bed)/(2) to make one's way in the world/to achieve in life

遂げる [とげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to accomplish/to achieve/to carry out/(2) to arrive at (a certain outcome)/to come to/to end with

世に立つ [よにたつ] /(exp,v5t) (1) to establish oneself in life/to achieve success/to reach a high position/(2) to begin life (as an adult)/to step out into the world

成果を収める [せいかをおさめる] /(exp,v1) to achieve success

成功を収める;成功をおさめる [せいこうをおさめる] /(exp,v1) to achieve success

前捌き [まえさばき] /(n) {sumo} battling to knock away the hands of one's opponent, in order to achieve an advantageous position

足を引っ張る;足をひっぱる [あしをひっぱる] /(exp,v5r) to hold back others from achieving success/to stand in the way of/to sabotage

大を成す [だいをなす] /(exp,v5s) to achieve greatness/to achieve success

大成者 [たいせいしゃ] /(n) person who achieves perfection/person who perfects (e.g. a theory)

得意淡然 [とくいたんぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) (arch) (yoji) not letting oneself puffed up by one's success/maintaining a serene state of mind when one has achieved a great success

難民 [なんみん] /(n) (1) refugee/displaced person/(2) (sl) (See 買い物難民・かいものなんみん) person unable to achieve some goal (marriage, shopping, etc.)

方程式 [ほうていしき] /(n) (1) equation/formula/(2) method for solving a problem/set way of achieving a particular result

目的のためには手段を選ばない [もくてきのためにはしゅだんをえらばない] /(exp) (See 手段を選ばずに) to be willing to do anything (any trick) to achieve one's end

良い成績を上げる [よいせいせきをあげる] /(exp,v1) (See 上げる・あげる・12) to achieve satisfactory results

豁然大悟 [かつぜんたいご] /(n,vs) (yoji) suddenly seeing the light/achieving full enlightenment all of a sudden

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

This movement has not yet achieved all its goals, but it has already had considerable impact in many areas of male-female relations.

Because they had not achieved complete success they gave more scope for the activity of my imagination.

The architect achieved worldwide fame.

The success of newly-developed applications and government-forced deregulation may hold the key to achieving this economic implementation.

Even if you make great efforts, you won't be able to achieve it.

No one can achieve anything without effort.

You'll never achieve anything if you don't study harder.

Ann has achieved her desired goal.

A campaign is underway throughout the company to achieve economy in the use of copying paper.

Tolstoy Achieved Worldwide Fame.

The explanation below was achieved by comparing and contrasting a variety of different theories.

Americans, on the other hand, are more likely to take chances in the hope of achieving great success.

We must achieve our aim at any price.

We have achieved all our aims.

We Have Achieved All Our Aims.

Despite adversity, the architect achieved worldwide fame.

Despite adversity, the ingenious man achieved worldwide fame.

I achieved all I hoped to do today.

It is not the least of life's ironies that this, which we all aim at, is better not quite achieved.

I have made up my mind to achieve my goals in three years.

From a humble background, John achieved worldwide fame.

The new birth policy is aimed at achieving zero population growth.

The new production process achieves a high yield.

Human beings have achieved a lot more than animals.

By hard work we can achieve anything.

You cannot achieve anything without effort.

Japan achieved a real GNP growth of 5% last year.

Japan achieved a remarkable development in industrial technology after the war.

Little did I imagine he would achieve a perfect game.

No one in the neighborhood believed him to be a genius even after he had achieved world-wide fame.

He achieved a throw of seventy meters.

He says he has achieved his goal to a certain extent.

He achieved his aim at last.

Hell never achieve anything unless he works harder.

He tried hard but achieved nothing.

He's quite humble man in spite of all he's achieved.

Though he long dominated the steel industry, he never achieved a complete monopoly.

He achieved great success in life.

He achieved his desired goal.

He achieved his purpose.

He achieved his purpose of studying abroad.

She achieved her purpose.

She has finally achieved her end.

She achieved remarkable results.

She achieved great success in her business.

She achieved the goal of winning the prize.

The patient finally achieved mastery over his disease.

My father achieved that and more in four words, which made quoting Shakespeare as effective as any business adviser could wish.

It is important that a lawyer should leave no stone unturned even on minor points and harp on the same subject to achieve a break through in an impasse.

It looked tough to achieve his aim.

I found it difficult to achieve my purpose.

We played catch to achieve the goal.

Although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be achieved easily.

Attempt to achieve an inner balance between three realms:

Before their ideas achieve critical mass.
指導者は排除される ようになるでしょう

Best and most loyal agent I ever had. And what did we achieve?
最も最高で忠実なエージェント そして我々の結果は?

But falsification to achieve a particular purpose.

But if both could be achieved, you wouldn't object.
両方達成できるなら 反対しないでしょ

But if we reach for it, then we can achieve excellence.

But if you ask people, why didn't you achieve something?
なぜできなかったのか 聞いてみたなら

But it's not that strong of a mean for achieving development.

But more importantly, focus and you can achieve.
重要なことは 集中すれば実現できるということです

But of the many gains we achieve the greatest is that we face our future.
だが我々の手にする多くの利益の中で 一番ドデキャイのは 将来性です

But only one has achieved technology.
ただ一つの種だけが 技術を発展させました

But quite another to find the strength to achieve it.

But this harmony we achieved is now under attack from a small but extremely dangerous group of individuals.
しかしその秩序が 小さいけれど 危険な者達の 集団によって

But we believe it can be achieved with political will.

But we're interested in the time it took them to achieve that.

But what if you achieved an absolute power, beyond that of the strongest?
しかし 最強の先にある絶対的な力ならば 君の生活に変化をもたらすかも

But you need another power in order to achieve them.
これに もう1つ 夢をつかむ力がいるわけさ。

By dominating satellite, we had achieved our one goal.
オレたちは 1つの目標を達成した。

By licking it until the right taste is achieved.
配合した薬品を 決まった味にする。

By the third time, in all 42 cases, we have achieved success.

Can achieve some form of balance. The same thing can happen now.
ある種のバランスをもたらします 今、同じことが起こっても不思議ではありません

Can and will achieve its mission.

Can be achieved on a small scale.

Can this vision for a better world really be achieved?
よりよい世界を目指す このビジョンは 本当に達成できるでしょうか?

Can we achieve the global goals?

Can you point to anything at all that you've achieved?

Comrade Jung resisted every temptations, did not compromise himself, and achieved the best grade on his exam.
秘密を漏らすこともなく 素晴らしい結果を残しています

Day after day, only to end up not achieving it.
それが かなわなかったこと あんのか?」って。

Did this expedition achieve something worthy of the sacrifices?!
今回の遠征で 犠牲に見合う収穫があったんですか

Do we really wanna tell our young people that if they study, sacrifice and achieve the highest scores in the state that they're rewarded with suspicion?
生徒達に 本当におっしゃる気ですか? 皆が 懸命に勉強し 高得点を獲得した結果 不正を疑がいますと?

Do you know the one thing held in common by everyone who has achieved their dreams?
夢をつかんだ成功者たちが もってる 1つの共通点を...。

Does volunteering for a scientific experiment in which orgasm was achieved by electronically stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain count?
オルガズムが 脳にどのように 電気的刺激を与えるのか 科学的実験をしたのも カウントに入る?

Dr. Faker dream will be achieved soon!
dr.フェイカーの長年の夢が 間もなく達成されることが!

Easier to mobilize does not always mean easier to achieve gains.
より簡単に人を集める方法が 必ずしも 成果を容易に得られるわけではないと思います

Even after all you've achieved, you're still scared of him.
結局 あなたは目的を果たした後も まだ彼を恐れているのよ

Except the antidote will only take hold once we've achieved a full reaction.
解毒剤が効いて来なければ... まともに反作用が現れる。

Fifty million years to achieve this maximum body size.

For 45 minutes, I had achieved my life's dream.
45分間 私は夢を成し遂げた

For which that level is enough to achieve excellence.
その人の数学能力に適していて 偉業を達成できる科学あるいは医学分野がある

From being able to achieve their important activities.

From day one, me and your mama we always knew, man, that you was just gonna achieve some great things for us.
俺、そして母さん・・・ 頼れる人はいくらでもいるだろ?

Gentlemen, the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.
不可能を可能にする唯一の方法は それが可能だと信じることです

Give her the feeling that something is achieved.
それでアイツも達成感を得られるだろう 分かった

He could've achieved his goal without going through all this.
資産家なら あんなことをしなくても

He didn't believe metamorphosis could physically take place, but that wouldn't stop him from trying to achieve it.
肉体的に変容するとは 信じていなかったが それで変容への探求を止めることはなかった。

He had nothing but his goal, and he had achieved it.

He has achieved enormous growth in one day.

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