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CAD [キャド] /(n) {comp} computer-aided design/CAD

アシメトリックデザイン /(n) asymmetric design

アシンメトリックデザイン;アシンメトリック・デザイン /(n) asymmetric design

アスペクト指向 [アスペクトしこう] /(n) aspect-oriented design

アプリケーション設計プロセス [アプリケーションせっけいプロセス] /(n) {comp} application design process

インテリア /(n) (1) interior (of building, room, vehicle, etc.)/(2) (abbr) (See インテリアデザイン) interior design

インテリジェントデザイン;インテリジェント・デザイン /(n) intelligent design (theory that life or the universe must have been designed by an intelligent being)

オフタートル;オフ・タートル /(n) knit top with a loose turtleneck or cowl neck design (wasei: off turtle)

ガラパゴス化 [ガラパゴスか] /(n,vs) (because the Galapagos contains many endemic species) Galapagosization/widespread design of Japanese products (e.g. cell phones) specifically for the domestic market, which are therefore unsuccessful overseas and also vulnerable to competition from imports

キャラデザ;キャラ・デザ /(n) (abbr) (sl) (See キャラクターデザイン) character design

コンセプト /(n) (1) (See 概念・がいねん) concept/general idea/notion/(2) (See 構想・こうそう) intention/aim/design/philosophy/plan/plot/theme

コンピューター援用設計 [コンピューターえんようせっけい] /(n) {comp} computer-aided design/CAD

ノンコンデザイン /(n) (abbr) non-conforming design

プロデュース /(vs) (1) to produce (e.g. movie, play, show, event, musical recording, etc.)/to design (e.g. new commercial product, restaurant concept, etc.)/to create/(n,adj-f) (2) (See プロデュース料・プロデュースりょう) production/creation/design

ワンポイント;ワン・ポイント /(n,adj-f) (1) one point/(n) (2) stitched ornament/small needlepoint design/(3) (abbr) {baseb} (See ワンポイントリリーフ) relief pitcher brought in to face one batter

綾;文 [あや] /(n) (1) (uk) figure/design/(2) (綾 only) twill weave/pattern of diagonal stripes/(3) (uk) style (of writing)/figure (of speech)/(4) (uk) design/plot/plan/(5) (uk) minor market fluctuation/technical correction/(6) (uk) (abbr) (See 綾取り・あやとり) cat's cradle/(7) (uk) (abbr) (See 綾竹) lease rod (in a loom)

意匠権 [いしょうけん] /(n) design right/right(s) to a design

意匠登録 [いしょうとうろく] /(n) registration of a design

意図 [いと] /(n,vs) intention/aim/design

遠謀深慮 [えんぼうしんりょ] /(n) (yoji) deep design and forethought/farsighted and deeply-laid plan

音響設計 [おんきょうせっけい] /(n) acoustical design

花尽くし [はなづくし;はなずくし] /(n) (1) citing or naming a variety of flowers/(2) multi-flowered design

絵コンテ;画コンテ [えコンテ] /(n) (abbr) (See コンティニュイティ) storyboard (film, television)/design for a series of movie scenes

絵組;絵組み [えぐみ] /(n) (1) structure of an artwork/pictorial design/(2) pictures inserted in a book

企てる [くわだてる] /(v1,vt) (1) to plan/to plot/to propose/to design/to intend/to contemplate/(2) to attempt (e.g. suicide, murder)/to undertake (e.g. business)/(3) (arch) to stand on tip-toes

企み [たくらみ] /(n) plot/scheme/trick/design/intrigue/artifice/conspiracy

旗印(P);旗標 [はたじるし] /(n) (design on a) banner/slogan/emblem (on flag)/insignia

機能美 [きのうび] /(n) functional beauty/beauty of function/simplicity and elegance of design

山焼き [やまやき] /(n) burning a mountain (by design)

蛇の目傘 [じゃのめがさ] /(n) paper umbrella (with a bull's-eye design)

借景 [しゃっけい] /(n) making use of the surrounding landscape as a part of the design of a garden/natural scenery used as the background in the landscaping of a garden

深謀遠慮 [しんぼうえんりょ] /(n) (yoji) far sight and deep design

深慮遠謀 [しんりょえんぼう] /(n) (yoji) deep design and forethought/a farsighted and deeply-laid plan

図案 [ずあん] /(n,adj-no) design/sketch

設変 [せっぺん] /(n,vs) (abbr) (See 設計変更) design change/engineering change

船型 [せんけい] /(n) type of vessel/design of a ship

装画 [そうが] /(n) book-cover design/picture on the cover of a book

造形教育 [ぞうけいきょういく] /(n) (yoji) education in art and design/education in drawing and manual arts

竹に雀 [たけにすずめ] /(exp) (1) (id) going well together/good combination/(n) (2) family crest featuring a ring of bamboo with a sparrow in the middle/(3) design featuring bamboo and sparrows (motif in Japanese painting)

爪牙 [そうが] /(n) (1) claws and fangs/claws and tusks/(2) clutches/devious design/means of causing harm/weapon/(3) pawn/stooge/cat's-paw/(4) right-hand man

唐様 [からよう] /(n) (1) Chinese design/Chinese style/(2) (See 禅宗様) traditional architecture associated with Zen

入札設計図書 [にゅうさつせっけいずしょ] /(n) design specifications (for public tender)/drawings and specifications

梅花 [もいか] /(n) (obsc) plum blossom design/silk fabric with a plum blossom design

柄 [がら] /(n,n-suf) (1) pattern/design/(n) (2) body build/figure/physique/(n,n-suf) (3) essential qualities/character/nature/(n-suf) (4) appropriate to/fitting of/suitable for

豊麗 [ほうれい] /(adj-na,n) rich (design)/beautiful/splendid

模様 [もよう] /(n) (1) pattern/figure/design/(2) state/condition/(3) conjecture of the current situation/the way it seems/(4) model/pattern/example/(5) (after a noun) indicates that that noun seems likely (e.g. rain or storm)/(6) framework (in go)/territorial framework/moyo

目結 [めゆい] /(n) (1) (arch) (obsc) tie-dyeing/(2) (obsc) heraldic design of a square with a hole in the center

目的論的証明 [もくてきろんてきしょうめい] /(n) (See 神の存在証明) teleological argument/argument from design

様 [よう] /(n-suf,n) (1) (uk) (usu. after the -masu stem of a verb) (See 様だ・1) appearing .../looking .../(2) (usu. after the -masu stem of a verb) way to .../method of ...ing/(3) (usu. after a noun) form/style/design/(4) (usu. after a noun) (See 様だ・2) like/similar to/(n) (5) thing (thought or spoken)

奸策;姦策 [かんさく] /(n) shrewd (dirty) trick/sinister scheme (design)/sly art

Such things often happen by accident rather than by design.

For this design house it was an appropriate strategy to introduce even more radical colors into computer production.

Was it by accident or by design?

First of all we have to put your design to the test. [M]

I can't think out the design any more.

It is certain that Emmet contrived his `dyad' style to facilitate the process of architectural design.

I would like to focus attention on the particular design that best represents Emmet's concept.

It is true he did it, whether by accident or by design.

The management tended to be too concerned about short-term improvement of the bottom line to have any long-term design for the future.

From the standpoint of architectural design, there can be more alternatives to this approach.

The new camera our company has been marketing lately has a design different from any we've marketed before.

Let's keep our design dark for a short time.

A gardener is called in to design the garden.

Her bag is the same design as her mother's.

The high performance and the elegant design of this model have combined to give it a high reputation.

At least two of them being, you know, design objects.

At least until he helped me to design... Cryptography to defeat it.
少なくとも それを対抗できる暗号法を 私が考え出すまではね

Because it's won loads of design awards.
このデザインで多くの賞を獲得し 私たちもすばらしい経験ができました

Because structure is one of the key issues in aircraft design.

Because we learned about design backwards.

Between design, business and the world.

Between technology and design of type.
テクノロジーと 活字デザインとの関係です

Between the technology and the design of charter.

Build a nice home, bring the architect, design my house.
いい家庭を持ち 素敵なマイホームを建てた街です

But I'm not here to talk about that kind of design.
でも今日 私がお話ししたいのは

But all of the design that we think of as human design.

But also design and business strategy.

But also design protections for the unexpected.
予想外のことから守る仕組みを 設けることも重要です

But being a very good example of design.
デザインの模範例として 再定義しました

But blue, that means the fission core is overheating. That's a common design flaw in these gen one models.
青なら炉心が加熱してる 設計上の欠陥でね

But he's an absolute genius when it comes to design.

But it is a fascinating aspect of animal design.

But it will never made a bad design good.
悪いデザインを良くすることは できないのです

But not design as we usually think about it.
ただ 普段私たちが考えるデザインではありません

But really, this alien's design was decrepit and, let's face it, antique.
でも 実際にこのエイリアンの デザインは老朽化しました 率直に話します 骨董品です

But that's reflective design as well.

But the design takeoffs are absolutely unmistakable.

But the real award came from society for newspaper design.

But the third pillar that he talked about was design.

But there was no intelligent design really designing those early airplanes.

But they obey good design principles because the Stakes are high.
よいデザインの原則に従うのは 利害に関わるからです

But they're relevant to the design of anything.

But we tried to design the process a little bit further.

But what is interesting is that we don't need to talk about design and art anymore;
興味深いのは 私たちはこれ以上 デザインとアートについて語る必要はなく

By using technology and using design?
道徳的・非道徳的なこととは 何でしょうか?

Chris Anderson: you guys didn't hear about us cutting out the design from Ted? (laughter)
クリス・アンダーソン: 「TED」から D を外したんですよね(笑)

Competitor says my client stole their phone design, so my client's looking at $100 million in legal bills, give or take.
競争相手の話じゃ依頼人が 彼らの電話のデザインを盗んだとさ で 依頼人は弁護料を だいたい1億ドルは見積もってる

Complicated kind of a design, right?

Considers all of its design systems:

Could we design a checklist for surgery?
手術用のチェックリストは作れるか 聞きました

Design blew it all away for a moment.
そんな中でしばらくデザインの事しか 目に入りませんでした

Design can be that, of course, but it can also be this.
もちろん その様なデザインもありますが 違うデザインもあります

Design coming from a sense of economy very, very clear limits.
経済観念をベースにしたデザインは 明確な限界があります

Design firm local projects. The truth is a bit more nuanced.
Local Projectsによる アルゴリズムのものとされましたが

Design is not just for designers anymore. It's a process. It's not style.
デザインすることは単にデザイナーだけのものではない それはプロセスであり、スタイルではない

Design proposed by a team in Mexico.

Design the solution around what the human will do as well.

Design uses whatever tools it has at its disposal in order to make a point.
デザインは その主張を伝えるため 何でも自由に使えるのです

Design was just a part of the process.

Design, the art of organizing the world of things.

Did I ever say they were art? I was talking about interaction design. Excuse me.
私が“芸術”だと言いましたか? “インタラクションデザイン”です

Did you design Ava's face based on my pornography profile?
僕が閲覧したポルノサイト情報から エヴァの顔を作った?

Did you design all the door Locks and the security systems on the train?
あんたが列車のドアロックシステムと セキュリティを設計したのか?

Do you think they'd make a drug with flippant zebra design like that?
あんなゼブラ模様の ふざけたクスリつくると思う?

Doing that, acting by design, is what we all should be doing.

Easy design assignment, but it wasn't.
思われるでしょう それが違うんです

Even if it violates a design rule or two.
デザインの原則の1つや2つ 外れていても構いません

Even though I already have the design for it.
ハハハハ... もう約束しちゃったもんね

Everything is in accord with that design.

For interaction design. Aesthetics are really important.

Forget design, even I'm sorry to say forget art.
デザインも...それに失礼ですが 芸術だって忘れてください

Frankly, the last update that we had took us backwards in terms of design and efficiency.
卒直に言って 最後の更新は我々を保守的にした デザインと効率面で

Frankly, the quality of our design and end product is much better.
デザインも仕上がりも 正直 うちの方が上です。

Freitas has a design for a robotic white blood cell.
フレータスはロボット白血球も デザインしています

French company asked us to design five billboards for them.

Good design, my dad said, is about supplying intent.
「良いデザインとは--」父は続けます 「意図がなければならない」

Graphic design and new media college.

Had instilled a kind of dormant design literacy in me.

Had possession of an illegal drug with zebra design?
ゼブラ模様の違法薬物を 持っていたことを知っていましたか。

Has a design for your resource.

He explains that design must get big, and he's right.
「デザインはもっと色々な 分野に広がるべきだ」

He never lost sight of his dream to design and manufacture the finest automobile ever made.
でも夢は持ち続けー 最高にすばらしい車を つくることになるのです

He started a landscaping and design floral company.

He'll be able to make use of these design skills that he learned.
ここで学んだデザインのスキルは 利用することができます

Computer aided design CAD software

Home and interior design instructional materials

Clothing and textile design instructional materials

Materials for teaching the art of design color on fabric

Drafting or design teaching aids or materials

Relief well design and implementation

Avionics design

Mainframe software applications design

Personal computer PC application design

Wide area network communications design

Local area network communications design

Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art

Art design services

Art design or graphics

Wallpaper and similar wall coverings, consisting of paper coated or covered, on the face side, with a grained, embossed, coloured, design-printed or otherwise decorated layer of plastics

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http://beeg.in.net/yugezz yugezz U.S. trade rival Crown Castle dropped out of theprocess after its board deemed an investment in France as toodangerous after Yahoo's acquisition of French online videowebsite Dailymotion was blocked by the government, a sourcesaid. Its domestic peer American Tower has just agreedto pay $4.8 billion in cash and assumed debt for the parent ofU.S. masts owner and operator Global Tower Partners.
http://xnxxxnxx.in.net/sexcitu sexcitu The new range is aimed not at desktop devices, but at embedded, wearable and "Internet of Things"-type systems. Krzanich demonstrated some watch-style devices that the company had created as prototype reference designs for wearable Quark devices.
http://keandra.in.net/ngentai-fgo ngentai fgo The mirror system is important because it contains neurons that become active both when you squeeze a rubber ball and when you watch someone else squeeze a rubber ball. It is the same thing with picking up a cup of coffee, hitting a baseball, or flying a kite. Whether you do it or someone else does, your mirror system activates. In this small way, the mirror system places you inside a stranger's head.

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