What will be will be

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ええいままよ;えいままよ;ええままよ /(exp) (See 儘よ・ままよ) what do I care/oh well/what will be, will be

なる様になる;成るように成る;成る様に成る;為るように為る;為る様に為る [なるようになる] /(exp) (uk) (proverb) let nature take its course/what will be will be

口が裂けても言えない [くちがさけてもいえない] /(exp,adj-i) (I) won't say anything no matter what/to be unwilling to tell even under threat

Can you imagine what the 21st century will be like?

I wouldn't push him too far. You don't know what he might do. I'd say you can't be too careful. They say even a doomed mouse will bite a cat if he has no choice. [M]

It's hard to predict what the weather will be like tomorrow.

What will you be doing at this time tomorrow.

It's not hard to see what the results of this rise will be.

I'm sorry to have troubled you. No matter what he may do, he will be praised.

I will go, be the weather what it may.

It will not be long before the boy learns what life is.

What time will be right for you?

What a lonely world it will be with you away.

What a lonely world it will be with you away!

What a lonely would it will be with you away!

What time will you be home this evening?

What will we be doing this time next week? [F]

He will be wondering what we are doing.

You will have to be responsible for what you've done.

No matter what he may do, he will be praised.

I wonder what the weather will be tomorrow? [F]

I have no idea what the weather will be like tomorrow.

I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow.

What will the postage be?

What time will dinner be served?

Please tell me what will be coming next week.

What will the Japanese economy be like next year?

At times like these, no matter what I say they won't be satisfied will they?
女性って こういうとき 何言っても満足しないでしょ?

Bar what I suspect will be a lengthy debriefing.

Barry, what I hope for you, maybe the greatest thing that a father can hope for his son is that one day, you will become a father yourself.
バリー 私が望むのは... 父親が息子に望む 最も大切なこと... いつかおまえが父親になれば 分かることだ

Bear with it for a while. Whatever will be will be.

Because everyone will be looking to see if you know what you're doing.
みんなが 注目してるからだね

Because of what he's told me. He said that this is it, that it will be over soon.
俺に言ったんだ もうすぐ すべて終わるって

Becoming what we will be in another nanosecond.
どうなるかと いうことだ

Before that happens my son will be dead. What?
その前に 息子は死んじゃうわよ! 何だって?

Besides what I will open up, there will be new worlds!
わしが切り開くものの他に 新たな世界など存在せんのだ!

But I can only imagine what you'd be supportive of will Graham doing.

But I'll tell you what, if I die first, and I most certainly will, you will be my sole heir.
5が良くってよ でも、その代わり もし私が先に死んだら、おそらくそうなる でしょうけど、お前に全部残してあげる

But before I do, I'd like to go over, specifically, what this money will be used for.
でも、電話する前に この金がどう使われるのか, はっきりとさせておきたい

But it has to be. You know what will happen. You, better than anyone.
どうなるか誰よりも 知ってるはずだ

But maybe now a new family will move in and they can give you what you want.
でも多分 新しい家族が越してきて 望みは かなうよ

But we do have ahead of us the privilege of publishing... What will be the very last issue of life magazine.

But what he does next will be far more dangerous.
だが次は はるかに 危険なことをやるだろう

But what will be his face, his voice, I wonder.
「どんな顔? 声は?」って。

But whatever you are doing, I will be a bird of the basket after all.
でも どこにいても 何をしても 結局 私は 籠の鳥なのよね。

But with luck, you will find the strength to do what needs to be done.
しかし運が良ければ、 目的を達成するための力を得ることができる

But you know, judges... What's impossible will always be impossible.
でもね。 あのね 線審さんね。 無理なものは 無理。

By the time we get anybody to you, you will be dead. Hey, what'd she say? Move fast.

Depending on what you say, we will be stabbing each other.
答えによっては 刺し違える覚悟ですよ。

Do you have any idea what the public reaction will be when word gets out that these are acts of terrorism?
テロだと分かったら 国民がどう反応すると思いますか?

Don't know what they are yet, but, uh, knowing him, it's a virtual lock I will be stealing candy from infants or clubbing young Seals.
それが何だかまだわからないが 彼のことだから 子供からキャンディーを盗むとか 子供アザラシを棍棒で殴るような バーチャルな話だろう

Dr. Tachibana will be back. What should we do?
橘先生 戻りますが どうしますか?

Erik, there will be no telling what...
...エリック 通じているのか...

Exactly what is the danger that I will be in?
私に迫るその危険とは 一体何なのだ?

For my part, I'd be willing to write off what I can, but mine isn't even the biggest expense.
私の治療に関しては 断っても構わないが ほかはもっと高い

For what that song will be like.

Four lives will be spared. And what are four lives if this plague is not ended?
残った4つの命は千の殺された 命とは比べものにならん

Four minutes! What? Lie. Ghost? I will be alive.
四分っち!? 嘘...。 幽霊? 生きてますよ。

From what I've read in the tabloids, no one will be surprised to hear Oliver queen died of a drug overdose.
タブロイド誌で読んだ限りでは オリバー・クイーンの 話を聞いても誰も驚かない 麻薬の過剰摂取で死んだ

Goku what's the matter? Will it be fine tomorrow?
悟空 どうしたんだ? あした 晴れるかな?

H however, I will not move! What a courageous announcer I must be!
もう許さない。 お前たち!

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