He would like

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フグは食いたし命は惜しし;ふぐは食いたし命は惜しし;河豚は食いたし命は惜しし [ふぐはくいたしいのちはおしし(ふぐは食いたし命は惜しし,河豚は食いたし命は惜しし);フグはくいたしいのちはおしし(フグは食いたし命は惜しし)] /(exp) (proverb) (See フグ) honey is sweet, but the bee stings/I would like to taste fugu, but I value my life/hesitating from doing something because of fear of consequences

"He'd like to have a coffee after work." "I would too."

I would like to hear your voice, too.

I would like to hear your honest opinion.

I would like to have a rest here.

If it's not too much trouble, I would like some help.

If you hear from Jenny, could you tell her I would like to see her?

Would you like another helping of pie.

What would you like to do while you're here?

On behalf of the company, I would like to express out hearty thanks to you all.

On behalf of the company, I would like to express our hearty thanks to you all.

We would like to ask your help in clearing up our financial problems with your company.

We would like to stay here tonight.

Would you like me to help you?

I would like to express my gratitude to her.

Don't hesitate to tell me if there is anything you would like to eat.

What would he like to be in the future?

The president was quoted as saying he would like to visit Japan soon.

I have a headache, and I would like to take a day off today.

I would like to have seen him before he left the country.

The object of his admiration shows the kind of person that he would like to be.

I would like to thank you in advance for any help that you are able to give her.

I would like you to introduce me to her.

I would like to know her name.

At the end, I would like if you can help me to sing the sustainable song.
最後に 持続可能な歌を歌いたいと思います

At the first sight of us, he would have run off screaming like the coward he is. I apologize for the deception, master Jedi.
うちらを見る瞬間にアイツがビクビクして逃げるわけだよね だましてすみません、マスター・ジェダイ

At this time, I would like to present her with a certificate of appreciation from the prefecture.
この度 県から 感謝状を頂く事になりました。

Awesome. Would you like to hear our itinerary?

Because if I went out with him, then I would start having second thoughts, like I always do, and then he would get hurt, and then my workplace would become awkward.
もしデートしても─ きっと いつもみたいに 考え直すわ 彼を傷付けるし 職場も気まずくなる

But I did read one of his books, and he seemed like the type of guy that wouldn't blink twice at a Tennessee top hat.
彼の本を読んで 勝手に想像を膨らましていたんだ

But I never knew that that idea would grow in her mind like a cancer that even after she woke...
俺は死ななかったが 考えは妻の中で... 癌の様に膨らんでいくなんて...

But I sure would like to know what the hell you were doing... Shacking up with three kids in the middle of the night... Especially a lunatic delinquent like lane.

But I want to raise it together with her like a real father would, like that?
自分が父親として 育てるつもりだって?

But I would like to hear more.
聞きたいことが まだある

But I would like to hear someone's frank opinion first.

But Robertson didn't like that because he wouldn't be able to control them anymore.
でもヘイズは 自分でコントロールできる 相手じゃないと - 気に入らなかった

But he just didn't seem like the kind of guy who would kill someone.

But if I kill her, like he would kill her, maybe I could understand him better.
だがリッパーのように― 彼女を殺したら― もっと彼を理解できる

But why would he leave a trail like this?
しかし なんで わざわざ痕跡を残していく。

But would like to hear this record.

But...Wouldn't you like to meet her?
でもさ 会ってみたくない?

Come here, baby. Like what I imagine a hug would be like.

Counsel, I would like to hear your opinion about the evidence presented.
弁護人 これらの証拠に対し ぬしの意見が聞きたい。

Did you think a girl would do something like that on her wedding day?!
女の子が 結婚式当日に そんな バカみたいなこと すると思う!?

Do you think if I were more like you, he would've loved me more?
あなたのようだったら もっと愛された?

Dr. Glass wouldn't just run away. That's not like her.
逃げるなんて グラス先生らしくない

Elevation in heart rate detected. Would you like a pill?
心拍数上昇 薬を?

Fiona would like to get back to her girlfriends.
フィオナは 女友達の所に戻りたい

Fiona wouldn't like it, and I'd be more scared of her than those things outside.
フィオナが許さないし 外の奴らより フィオナの方が怖いよ

First thing you know we got a whole bunch of guys like you in this town. That's why! Besides, you wouldn't like it here...
お前みたいのを入れれば 束になってやってくる なぜだかな

Francis would roll his eyes if he heard me talking like this.

Garrett would never go along with something like this, even if he hates my guts.
ギャレットが認めない 私を嫌ってても

God help me, Tommy, part of me would really like to see you hurt.
こんな考えは罪だが お前が憎い

Gran took a lot of pride in her home. She wouldn't want anyone to see it like this.
祖母の自慢の家よ キレイにしてほしいはず

Hasn't been that long, has it? Um... Would someone like to explain what's going on here?
それほど 久しぶりでもないだろ? どういうことなのか

He asked if I would like to earn a little money on the side as an actress!
軽く お小遣い稼ぐつもりで

He believed our history, like that of all other conquered races before us, would be rewritten by our oppressors.
征服者の歴史が 書き換えられると信じてたよ

He denied, but even if I said somewhat, I would like to see him again.
あいつは否定してたけど なんだかんだ言っても再会を望んでるし

He executed her, just like she said he would.
彼なら ctu swatを

He has his first game tomorrow would you like to go and watch?

He knew that the Morrow's battle would be the most dreadful of all those he had taken part in, and the plain possibility of death presented itself to him vividly, almost like an awesome certainty.
明 日 の戦いは 過去最大 の激戦にな ろ う 今 度 こ そ死ぬか も しれぬ 疑いのない思いが 彼の胸を締めつ けた

He looks like the kind of lowlife someone would hire to kidnap Walter.
彼はウォルターを 誘拐する為に誰かを雇う犯罪者に見える

He said his client recently lost six business associates and would like to know how those men were identified and targeted.
顧客の取引先で最近 6人が亡くなったと 如何に彼等の身元が割れたのか

He said it wouldn't be like the others.

He said something that I would like to ask you directly.

He said, would you like to have a go at taxiing?
「地上滑走試してみますか?」と 私に訊きました

He seem like the kind of guy that would have the surgical skill to remove a woman's skin?
彼はある種の人と思われました 女性の皮を除去する外科手術の スキルを持っていますか?

He seems to have moved on, and I would like to know with whom.
彼は前進したようだけど 一緒にいる相手を 知りたいの

He used to joke that if I kept living like that, that one day I would just float off into space.
よく冗談で "いつか飛んでっちまうぞ"って

He was a greet guy. You would've loved him. He was just like me.
君も好きになる パパは僕そっくりだ

He was my little brother, but I always looked up to him, and I know that he would be proud of me, just like I hope you are when you know the truth.
彼は 弟だったけど、いつも尊敬してた で、私を誇りに思うと知ってる 真実を知るときが来ると思うけど

He won't be able to make the rows disappear like he would normally be able to.
剣を使えるようにしてほしくてね。 そっちの依頼!?

He would invent, like, ways to make things heavy.

He would like to finish his research.
あの研究を 完成させたいと 言ってました。

He would like to make this toy go, and he can't.
おもちゃを鳴らしたいのに できないのです

He would like to meet with you.
あなたに 会いたがってます

He would like to reinforce his delusion with you, with me, with Abel Gideon.
ただ妄想を強化したいんだ、 あなたや私、 アベル・ギデオンを使って。

He would like us back at the precinct right away.

He would never say anything like this to my face.
私に面と向かって こんなこと 決して言わないわ

He would not die like that.

He would not do stupid stuff like that as a detective.
探偵の仕事に 泥を塗るようなことあいつは やらない。

He wouldn't be concerned with a kid like Shunpei.
駿平みたいなガキ 相手にするわけない

He wouldn't do something like this.
あいつは そんなこと しないだろ。

He wouldn't do things like making your mama leave you.
ママを あんなふうに 追い詰めたりなんか しない。

He wouldn't have died like that.

He wouldn't have let Cameron hunt me down like this.
彼は キャメロンに 私を追い詰めさせなかった

He wouldn't have to be there for me. Not like that. No.
来る必要はない 止めてくれ

He wouldn't kill somebody like that.
人を殺したりしない 絶対に

He's worked for me for ten years. He wouldn't just disappear like this.
10年間働いて来て こんな消え方をする奴じゃありません

Hell, I know I wouldn't go quiet. And I've never seen fight like in Mel.

Hello! Would you like to know the weather?
「こんにちは! 天気の話 聞きたいですか?」

Hello, Ruth, would you like a cup of tea?
やあ お茶でもどう?

Hello? We would like you to...
やぁ 我々は・・

Hello? Which one would you like?
もしもし? どちらになさいますか?

Helmet and other equipments. We would like you to make them for us.
盾? その他 兜? などを

Here he is. Would you like to take the call?
彼からよ 電話に出る?

Here, would you like a blind girl instead? How dare you?
代わりに 盲目の少女はどうだ?

Hey, Casper. Would you like to play pirate with me?
「キャスパー 海賊ごっこしようよ」

Hey, I didn't know her, obviously, but she sounds like the kind of woman that wouldn't want you spending all your time being sad.
彼女の事全然知らないけど 聞いてたら 彼女は あなたに悲しみを引きずって 欲しくない女性のようね

Hey, my friend would like an orange soda and I'll have, uh, just a cup of hot water with lemon.

Hey, that's terrible! The passengers wouldn't like that!
おい こいつ無茶言うなよ 乗客にとっちゃ そりゃいい迷惑だぞ

Hey, we both knew it would end like this, right?

Hey, would you ladies like to meet my fat stack?

Hey, would you like some dinner?
おい 夕食でもどうです?

Hey, you guys. I would like to make a toast...
みんな 乾杯しましょ

Homework, chores, anything like that, he would handle it and then say that I did it, just so my father would notice me.
宿題や、作文、... .... それは、俺がやった事にして 俺は親父に誉められたりもした

How would you like to spend your last days here?
ここで余生を過ごされては いかがですか?

I didn't hear you. Would you like to hear it?
聞こえないな みんな聞きたいの?

I didn't think they would, honey, but the thing is, it seems like they're here to stay.
私もそう思っていた ハニー だが問題は 彼らはここに滞在してることだ

I don't know. Why would he say something like that to me?
何で彼は私に あんな言動を...

I have long suspected that m isn't nearly as mad as he would like us to believe.
エムは 我々に思わせたがってるほど 頭のおかしな奴じゃないと 僕は ずっと考えてる

I just talked to her, and she kind of would like to see you again.

I know it sounds crazy because she never got to take her first breath, but I imagine what she would have sounded like.
変なのはわかってる 娘は生まれてもいない 生まれてたら きっとあんな声よ

I know many like her who would do anything to get out. And anything not to go back.
彼女のような人は たくさんいるよ ほとんどが 何もできないままだ

I know what you would say. It would seem like wisdom but for the warning in my heart.
私の心に警告するものがなかったら それはきっと賢明に聞こえたでしょう

I like her, and I think it's mutual, but I haven't done anything about it, and I wouldn't, not... And you won't.
彼女が好きだ そして彼女もだと思う その事については何もしていない 俺はすべきじゃない. .

I mean, why would he go to such lengths to make it look like red John was the killer?
レッド・ジョンが犯人だと 見せかけるために どうして 彼はこんなに 手間をかけたのかしら?

I never thought that he would do anything like this.
彼が こんな事するなんて

I pull her apart, layer by layer like she would a crime scene.
彼女の体を引き剥がした、 一枚ずつ... ...犯罪現場みたいに。

I said, you wouldn't like what you find here, anyway.

I think Dr. Farragut would like to hear about.
ファラガット博士は 話を聞いた方がいい

I thought he would have gutted you like a Trout, but here you are.
マスみたいに はらわたを 抜き取られたかと思ったけど

I told him it wasn't like that. That we were just friends. But he wouldn't listen!

I usually open with so sorry you're here. Where would you like to begin?
通常は慰めの言葉から ですが どうします?

I would advise you to remain here and face the consequences of your actions like a man.
ここに留まる事を勧める。 男なら自分の行動に責任を持て。

I would certainly like to know where Ennis is going, and what he intends to do with his newfound freedom.
彼がどこへ行くつもりなのか 自由を手に入れて何をするつもりなのか知りたい

I would hate to become like her.
あの人みたいに なるのは 嫌。

I would have thought a seasoned prosecutor like Ms. Watkins would invoke her right to an attorney.
ワトキンスさんようなベテラン検事のようだと思ってた 弁護士に彼女の権利を訴える

I would like a little backup here.

I would like for him to go here.
ここの幼稚園へ 通園させたいのですが

I would like her to cherish this kind of school life.
そういう学校生活を 大事にしてほしいの。

I would like to ask for your help.

I would like to ask you some questions here.

I would like to be cut here...
ここで切ってもらいたいと 思ってるんですけど...。

I would like to close here by putting a stake in the sand at Ted.

I would like to determine where he intends to go.

I would like to discuss what happens here on in with you.
これからのこと 相談したいんで

I would like to get back to the issue here of educating our children and the fact that congress is not living up to their commitment.
私の望みは? 何だ? 弁明だよ

I would like to hear it from the king himself.

I would like to hear your objective opinion.

I would like to hear. What?
聞きたいです。 えっ?

I would like to heed your wishes and the wishes of my people, but I took a holy vow.
民の評議会の希望は留意したい そして民の希望も しかし私は神聖な誓いを行った

I would like to help you out Deputy, I really would but we operate on a need to know basis.
協力をしたいと思うが 作戦は秘密になっている

I would like to help you.

I would like to help, but...

I would like to know how he is as a person.
いかなる方なのか お聞きしたいのです。

I would like to meet her once again...
もう一度 あの子に会えないかと思って...。

I would like to meet privately with my fellow heads of state.
各国首脳だけの プライベートな会談としたい

I would like to prep her first.

I would like to raise a glass to Rachel and Hector.
レイチェルとヘクターに、 乾杯したいと思います。

I would like to see her once again!
もう一度 あの子に会いたいんです!

I would like to show you here a picture which is a bit more advanced.

I would like to start eating healthier. I don't want all that pasta.
ヘルシーな食べ物を食べ始めてるんだ もうパスタはゴメンだよ

I would like to, but I can't help feeling you have an ulterior motive.
本当はしたいけど 君には他意があると感じている

I would like to... Quit and come here to live with you.
そうじゃろうな わしも仕事を辞めて ゆっくりできればなあ

I would like you to be of assistance to her.

I would like you to hear their voices.

I would like you to report to Felicia. She needs some work done on a pro Bono she's heading up.
フェリシアの下で 無料法律相談を手伝って

I would like your help in this, serenity.
好き嫌いが はっきりしてそうなタイプ

I would really like to be able to keep it here but...
本当は ここで 飼えればいいんだけど。

I would really like to meet Lisa sometime, besides a brief encounter in her underwear.

I would really, really like to help you.

I would simply like to help maintain his health.
私は単純に彼の健康を 心配しているの

I would very much like to ask her why drug dealers want to murder her horse.
麻薬の売人が なぜ彼女の馬を 殺そうとするのか 尋ねたい

I would very much like to hear what he has to say about it.
それについて ぜひ彼の言い分を聞きたいね

I would very much like to know how Ms.Hewes came upon this information.
この情報を入手した経緯を 知りたいですね

I would've driven it here, but I didn't feel like blowing up.
運転して来なかったが 爆撃は予想外だ

I would've expected you to not want to come if you had a sister like that here!
あんな姉さんがいたんじゃ ここへ来たくなかったはずよね。

I wouldn't choose to, like, hang out with one, but I know sometimes it can't be helped.
あえて一緒にいたいと 思わないけど 仕方ない時もある

I wouldn't use words like hero.

I'd like to get out of here sooner rather than later, wouldn't you?
ここから すぐにも 退去したいですからね

I'd like to think I wouldn't take my own life to frame a guy, just 'cause he gave me the creeps.
気味の悪い奴だからというだけで そいつを罠にかけるために

I'll protect you just like your father would if he were alive!
死んだ親父さんの代わりに 俺がしっかり守ってやる

I'm going to be going over the house rules with the girls, and I would like you to hear them.
あの子達にここのルールを 徹底するつもりなの あなたにも聞いて欲しい

I'm in charge here. How would you like a nice spot of tea, sir? It'll warm you up in no time.
お茶をどうぞ 温まりますから

I'm sitting here with someone who would like to say hello to you.

I'm sorry. I would like to help you, but I have not seen my son in over a month.
お気の毒に 力になりたいけど

I've been helping you, but I would also like to keep my job.
あなたを助けたいし 現にそうしてるわ 私の仕事もやりたいし

If a woman was Spotted alone on the streets they would beat her like an animal.
女性が通りで一人でいるのを 見られたなら 動物のように殴打されてしまう。 ろくでなし達め

If he had a power like that, it would cause quite a disaster.
もし そんな力だったら 大惨事になるっすねえ

If he was like that, he would've done whatever he wanted with me.
そんな人だったら 私のことも

If he was still alive, something like that would not have happened.
主人さえ生きてくれてたら こんなことにならなかったのに

If he'd had enough oxygen, he would've been a perfect little baby, just like your son.
充分な酸素が有れば、普通の赤ん坊 として生まれたんだ。 お前の息子みたいに

If money had been his goal, why would he rob a place like this?
金が目的なら なぜ こんな所を襲う?

If possible, we would like to rest here for a while.
しばらくの間 こちらで 休養させていただきたいと。

If she is out there, able to hear and see you tonight... What would you like to say to her, Nick?
もし彼女が見てるなら 何を言いたい?

If something like that would only happen here.
ここも そうなりゃいいのに

If they knew about his condition. But no guarantee a scare like that would trigger a heart attack.
ショックで心臓発作を起こせる 保障はありません

If we do manage to capture them, I would like her. For research purposes, of course.
研究目的の為に 彼女が欲しいのですが

If women can touch me, why would I live like this? I, so young and healthy, why do I, like a zombie!
女に触れられる事ができるなら こんな生き方するか?- 若くて健康なのに どうしてゾンビのように生きてるんだ!

If you answered your phone, I wouldn't have to Barge in here like a lunatic.
電話に出てりゃ こんなマネはしない

If you did it like I taught you, then the horses would be here.
私が教えたように結んだのなら 馬はここにいるはずだ

If you think there's anyone here who has something against this company, I would like to know.
あなたは この会社に恨みを持つ者が 誰かいると思ってる それが誰だか知りたいわ

If you want to tell me, I would like to hear it.
できれば 聞かせてほしいです

If you weren't here .. something like this would not have happened!
大達先生がいなければ こんなことには...!

If you'd have seen her, you wouldn't be talking like this.
もし会ったことあったら, そんな言い方はしないよ.

Ii wouldn't have believed her, because you would never do anything like that, ever.
あの人の言う事は信じて無い 「パパは絶対に そんな事しない」

In conclusion Mrs. Steensma and I would like to again thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
最後に... 家内共々 心より深く お礼を申し上げます

In light of this morning's unfortunate events, president Heller would like to offer some words.
今朝の不幸な事件のことで ヘラー大統領から話が

In the light of this morning's unfortunate events, uh, president Heller would like to offer some words.
今朝の不幸な出来事について ヘラー大統領が 話をされたいと

Isn't that nice. I would like to meet her too. But come to the concert.
いいな~。 私も会いたい。 おいでよ コンサート。

It is a urgent matter so we would like to meet her in person...
急を要する事なんで 直接 お会いしたいんですが...。

It seems like he would have it easy because he lives this world in such a simple manner.

It would also cause her to move exactly like this when she killed Hayes Robertson on the video stage. I love Noah.
これはあなたが ヘイズを殺した時の様子よ ノアのことを愛してたの

It would be a relief to find out that I'm like her.
私が彼女に似ているのが 分かったでしょう

It would be like her favorite thing in the entire world and it's like the most important thing you could do.
彼女の宝物になるし あなたができる最高の事よ

It would be strange if he returned immediately dressed like that.
すぐ戻るにしては この格好 おかしいわね。

It would drive me crazy like a like a wound I couldn't heal.
俺なら気が狂かもな 一生治らない傷と同じだ

It would have fulfilled its goal, but it doesn't exactly sound like it has our best interests at heart.
2度と食糧不足はなくなるのか? 目的は果たせるが その通りにはならない

It would hurt like hell, wouldn't it?

It would look like I'm pushing him out. Or worse, that he's abandoning the administration.
私が更迭したか 政権が見捨てられたと映る

It would look like a heart attack, you know.

It would make her feel like a princess if she did.
クリスティンが お姫様の気分になるね

It would make him look weak, like he's lost control of the administration.

It's very important. I wouldn't come here like this if it wasn't.
とても重要だ そうでなかったら このようにやって来ない

Just like I wouldn't do to betray you, I can't do that to her.
お前を裏切る事が ないのと同様に 彼女も裏切れない

Lee... Has something he would like to say to you... And...
リーは 君に言いたい事があるそうだ それに

Like I promised I wouldn't. Look, are we done here?
しないと約束した通り もう良いかしら?

Like if I can transform her, [sniffles] I would magically change too.
魔法で生まれ 変わりたかった

Like if she had a boyfriend, he wouldn't be able to sleep.
なんか 彼氏とか出来ると 気になって眠れないとか言って。

Like right now Jack here would say, tell my sister I love her.
今この状況で こいつが使う言葉なんだよ

Like village in desert ..... .....he was like salve for our distress ..... .....while we cowered from challenges ..... .....he would dive in seas .....
砂漠の中の村のようだった -----

Like what, what would make the president pick up a gun and shoot herself in the head?
ああ、分からないさ 大統領が... 自分の頭を撃つなんて

Like you thinking Bauer would head for the roof... When he didn't?
バウアーなら、屋上に逃げ込むはずだということか? 実際は違った

Like you would know? What did you use to pay for this wine here, huh?

Like, children would come and see what's happening over here.

Like, he started this diet a few months back, and if I brought in food like, any food he would throw me out of the room and say I was sabotaging him and... You know.
数ヶ月前 彼はダイエットを始めてて もし僕がどんな食べ物でも持ちこんだら 僕を部屋から追い出して

Look, I don't know what's gonna happen in the future, but Nancy and I would like to try and make it work here.
先の事は分からんよ でもナンシーと俺は ここで頑張りたい 上手く行くように

Look, I found this place out here. You wouldn't believe it. It's like the twilight zone.
見ろ おかしな物見つけたんだ トワイライトゾーンみたいだぜ

Looks like something Walter would've designed when he was tripping.
ウォルターの脳内世界 みたいだな

Maybe your audience would like to hear...
お芝居に 集中してね。 貴女が...

Mom wouldn't like you doing this in her room.
母さんは自分の部屋で そんなことされるのを嫌がるからね

Mr. Mayor here would like to go downtown.
こちらの市長さんが ダウンタウンに行きたいみたいだぞ

My Grams had dementia, and her handwriting would change like she was a different person.
ぼくの祖母も認知症で 別人のように筆跡が変わってた

My teacher said it would, like, help with all my schoolwork. Really?
先生がね あると 課題がはかどるって

No one here knows what it would be like to live eternally.
永遠が続くのだから― そう知りながら生きるのは

No, I knew it. I knew William would try something like this. Well, of course he would.
ウィリアムの奴 裏切りやがって クソッ!

No, I mean, it would be one thing if he was like muscular and a Ginger.
だって たくましい男なら 精力があって 当然だけど

No, we would like to hear you say it.
いや 君の口から聞きたい

No. He isn't. He wouldn't just let him walk around like that.

No... He was a really good guy. Who would do something like this?

Now I would like someone else to close this prayer someone who hasn't spoken here in a long time but who I believe has something to say that we all need to hear.
では この場を ある人物に託そう 長く この場で 話すことはなかったが 我々が聞くべきことを 話してくれると信じている

Now, if you would like to sort your problems out, it's very simple here.
問題を解決するには 簡単なことだ

Now, please, please, settle down. Now who here has a bank they would like us to rob?
Bブロックだ どこかな?

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