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CA [シーエー] /(n) (1) (abbr) (See キャビンアテンダント) cabin attendant/flight attendant/(2) {comp} (See 認証局・にんしょうきょく) Certification Authority/CA/(3) carbohydrate antigen

その筋;其の筋 [そのすじ] /(n) (1) that field/(2) the authorities (esp. the police)

ものを言わせる;物を言わせる [ものをいわせる] /(exp,v1) (See 物を言う・ものをいう・2) to make full use of (skill, experience, authority, etc.)/to take full advantage of (something)/to rely on

オーソリティ;オーソリティー;オオトリテエ(ok) /(n) authority

ネットワークアドレス付与機関 [ネットワークアドレスふよきかん] /(n) {comp} network addressing authority

圧し [おし] /(n) weight/pressing down/commanding presence/authority

威 [い] /(n) power/authority/might/influence/dignity/majesty

威を振るう [いをふるう] /(exp,v5u) to exercise authority

威権 [いけん] /(n) authority/power

威光 [いこう] /(n) power/authority/influence

威勢 [いせい] /(n) (1) power/might/authority/influence/(2) spirits/vigor/vigour/energy/boldness

威徳 [いとく] /(n) virtue and influence/virtue and authority

威武 [いぶ] /(n) authority and force

威力(P);偉力 [いりょく] /(n) power/might/authority/influence

威令 [いれい] /(n) authority

移牒 [いちょう] /(n,vs) notification to authorities

一手販売代理権 [いってはんばいだいりけん] /(n) (obsc) sole agency authority

営団地下鉄 [えいだんちかてつ] /(n) Teito Rapid Transit Authority subway/Eidan subway

越権 [えっけん] /(n,adj-no) going beyond authority/unauthorized/unauthorised/ultra vires

越権行為 [えっけんこうい] /(n) (yoji) exceeding one's authority/abusing one's legal authority/ultra vires activities

押し [おし] /(n) push/pressure/authority/audacity

王権 [おうけん] /(n) royal authority/regal power/authority of the king

海上権 [かいじょうけん] /(n) maritime authority

笠に着る;かさに着る;嵩に着る(iK) [かさにきる] /(exp,v1) to wear the mantle of (borrowed) authority and misuse it

割拠 [かっきょ] /(n,vs) holding one's ground/defending local authority

官憲 [かんけん] /(n) officials/authorities

官権 [かんけん] /(n) governmental authority

官庁 [かんちょう] /(n) government office/government agency/authorities

監督機関 [かんとくきかん] /(n) supervising body/supervisory authorities

管海官庁 [かんかいかんちょう] /(n) maritime authority/marine office

管轄官庁 [かんかつかんちょう] /(n) controlling office/competent (governmental) authorities

管理機関 [かんりきかん] /(n) {comp} administrative authority

管理権 [かんりけん] /(n) supervisory authority/regulatory authority/right of management/custodial right

関係省庁 [かんけいしょうちょう] /(n) (yoji) the concerned government agencies/the ministries and agencies that are relevant to the matter at hand/the relevant authorities

関係当局 [かんけいとうきょく] /(n) (yoji) the authorities concerned/the competent authorities

議長職権 [ぎちょうしょっけん] /(n) authority as chairperson or president, etc.

巨擘 [きょはく] /(n) authority/big-shot/star

拠り所;拠りどころ;より所;拠;拠所(io) [よりどころ] /(n) (1) (uk) grounds/foundation/authority/(2) (uk) support/prop/something upon which to rely

許認可権 [きょにんかけん] /(n) (yoji) ministerial authority to grant permits and approvals

共同親権 [きょうどうしんけん] /(n) joint custody/joint parental authority

教権 [きょうけん] /(n) ecclesiastical or educational authority

金融当局 [きんゆうとうきょく] /(n) financial authorities

軍官憲 [ぐんかんけん] /(n) military authorities

軍事当局者 [ぐんじとうきょくしゃ] /(n) military authority

軍当局 [ぐんとうきょく] /(n) military authorities

軍部 [ぐんぶ] /(n) military authorities/army circles

敬畏 [けいい] /(n,vs) awe/reverence/fear (e.g. of authority)

警察当局 [けいさつとうきょく] /(n) law enforcement authority/police authorities/the police

権 [けん] /(n-suf,n) (1) right (to do something)/(n,n-suf) (2) authority/power

権威 [けんい] /(n) authority/power/influence

権威者 [けんいしゃ] /(n) an authority

権限 [けんげん] /(n) power/authority/jurisdiction

権限委譲 [けんげんいじょう] /(n) (yoji) delegation of authority (power)/devolution/empowerment

権限内に [けんげんないに] /(adv) within the scope of authority

権能 [けんのう] /(n) authority/power/function

権柄 [けんぺい] /(n) power/authority

権力 [けんりょく] /(n,adj-no) (political) power/authority/influence

元老 [げんろう] /(n) (1) elder statesman/doyen/old-timer/authority/(2) Genro (member of a pre-WWII body that informally advised the emperor)

虎の威を借る狐 [とらのいをかるきつね] /(exp) (id) person who swaggers about under borrowed authority/small man acting arrogantly through borrowed authority/a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger

御上;お上 [おかみ] /(n) (1) (hon) the Emperor/His Majesty/(2) (hon) the government/the authorities/(3) (also written 女将) (See 女将) proprietress/hostess/landlady/mistress/(4) (hon) (arch) (also written 御内儀 or 内儀) your wife/his wife/(5) (hon) (arch) (one's) master/lord

御用学者;ご用学者 [ごようがくしゃ] /(n) (yoji) scholar beholden to the government/self-serving academic/scholar who toadies up to government authorities

公儀 [こうぎ] /(n,adj-no) imperial court/shogunate government/authorities/public affairs/official/government

公権力 [こうけんりょく] /(n) public power/governmental authority

公所 [おおやけどころ] /(n) (1) (arch) (See 官庁) government office/authorities/(2) (arch) (See 官有地) state-owned land/crown land (UK, Aus, etc.)

公訴権 [こうそけん] /(n) authority of prosecution/authority to indict

港湾局 [こうわんきょく] /(n) Port and Harbor Authority

港湾当局 [こうわんとうきょく] /(n) port authorities

行使 [こうし] /(n,vs) use/exercise (of one's right, authority, power, etc.)

行政権 [ぎょうせいけん] /(n) executive power/authority

行政庁 [ぎょうせいちょう] /(n) administrative agency/government authorities

最高峰 [さいこうほう] /(n) (1) highest peak/highest mountain/(2) greatest authority/most prominent person/pinnacle (e.g. of art)/peak

最終権限 [さいしゅうけんげん] /(n) final authority

司直 [しちょく] /(n) judge/judiciary/administration of justice/judicial authorities

自治体国際化協会 [じちたいこくさいかきょうかい] /(n) Council of Local Authorities for International Relations/CLAIR

主務 [しゅむ] /(n) (1) person in charge/(adj-f) (2) competent (authority, minister, etc.)

住民監査請求 [じゅうみんかんさせいきゅう] /(n) resident audit request to local government authority

重鎮 [じゅうちん] /(n) leader/authority/mainstay

出所(P);出処;出どころ [しゅっしょ(出所,出処)(P);でどころ;でどこ(出所,出処)] /(n) (1) origin/source/authority/(2) (しゅっしょ only) birthplace/(n,vs) (3) (しゅっしょ only) release (discharge) from prison/(n) (4) (でどころ, でどこ only) exit/point of departure/(5) (でどころ, でどこ only) time to take action

出典 [しゅってん] /(n) source (e.g. quotation)/authority

準拠 [じゅんきょ] /(n,vs) basis/based on/conformance/conformity/authority (of)/standard/reference

省庁 [しょうちょう] /(n) ministries and government offices/the authorities

証明機関 [しょうめいきかん] /(n) {comp} certification authority

証明権限者 [しょうめいけんげんしゃ] /(n) certifying authority

上司 [じょうし] /(n) (See 部下,目上) superior authorities/boss

職権 [しょっけん] /(n) authority/commission

職権乱用 [しょっけんらんよう] /(n) (yoji) abuse of (one's) authority

振りかざす;振り翳ざす;振り翳す [ふりかざす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to raise (esp. overhead)/to brandish (e.g. sword)/to flourish/(2) to wield (e.g. power, authority)/to proclaim one's principles

神威 [しんい] /(n) god's majesty/god's authority/might of Heaven

親権 [しんけん] /(n) parental authority

親権者 [しんけんしゃ] /(n) person exercising parental authority

親風を吹かす [おやかぜをふかす] /(exp,v5s) to exercise parental authority

人事院 [じんじいん] /(n) National Personnel Authority

垂れ込み [たれこみ;タレコミ] /(n) (uk) tip-off/squealing (to authorities)

勢い(P);勢(io) [いきおい] /(adv,n) (1) force/vigor/vigour/energy/spirit/life/(2) influence/authority/power/might/(3) impetus/momentum/course (of events)/(n-adv) (4) naturally/necessarily

勢いを振るう [いきおいをふるう] /(exp,v5u) to wield power/to exercise authority

絶対権力 [ぜったいけんりょく] /(n) absolute authority or power (over someone or something)

専断;擅断 [せんだん] /(n,vs,adj-na,adj-no) arbitrary decision/on one's own authority/arbitrariness

専断横行 [せんだんおうこう] /(n) (yoji) prevalence of arbitrariness/rife with arbitrary decisions (acting on one's own authority)

専門家 [せんもんか] /(n) specialist/expert/professional/authority/pundit

全権 [ぜんけん] /(n) plenipotentiary powers/full authority

僧綱 [そうごう] /(n) (arch) ancient Buddhist ecclesiastical authority/Office of Monastic Affairs

捜査当局 [そうさとうきょく] /(n) investigating authorities/law enforcement authority

草木もなびく;草木も靡く [くさきもなびく] /(exp,v5k) (id) to bow (in great numbers) to a greater authority/to be drawn (en masse) to something attractive/even the plants yield

泰山北斗 [たいざんほくと] /(n) (yoji) a great authority

泰斗 [たいと] /(n) (abbr) (See 泰山北斗) a great authority

代理権 [だいりけん] /(n) agency/(attorney's) authority of representation

大家 [たいか] /(n) (1) master/expert/authority/leading figure/(2) mansion/large house/(3) rich family/distinguished family

大権 [たいけん] /(n) supreme authority

単独親権 [たんどくしんけん] /(n) sole custody/sole parental authority

地方自治体 [ちほうじちたい] /(n) local authority/local government/locality/local self-governing body/municipality

中央機関 [ちゅうおうきかん] /(n) (1) central organization/central authority/(2) central government agency

通 [つう] /(adj-na,n-suf) (1) connoisseur/authority/(ctr) (2) counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.

通がる [つうがる] /(v5r) to act like a know-it-all/to pretend you know everything/to fancy one is an authority

通ぶる [つうぶる] /(v5r) (See 通がる) to act like a know-it-all/to pretend you know everything/to fancy one is an authority

鶴の一声 [つるのひとこえ] /(exp) final word/voice of authority/authoritative pronouncement

定評 [ていひょう] /(n) established opinion/established reputation/acknowledged authority/recognized scholar

典拠 [てんきょ] /(n) (an) authority/(a) source/(written) reference

天威 [てんい] /(n) imperial authority/imperial majesty

当該 [とうがい] /(adj-no) appropriate (e.g. authorities)/concerned/relevant/said/aforementioned/competent/applicable/respective

当該官庁 [とうがいかんちょう] /(n) proper authorities/authorities concerned

当局 [とうきょく] /(n) (1) authorities/relevant authorities/authorities concerned/(2) this office

当局者 [とうきょくしゃ] /(n) authority (person)

当路 [とうろ] /(n) the authorities

統帥権 [とうすいけん] /(n) supreme command authority (of the emperor)

踏み絵(P);踏絵 [ふみえ] /(n) (1) tablet bearing Christian images, on which Edo-period authorities forced suspected Christians to trample/(2) allegiance test/loyalty test

頭が上がらない;頭があがらない [あたまがあがらない] /(exp,adj-i) to be no match for (e.g. outclassed in authority, strength or in debt to)/to be unable to act on an equal basis with

同署 [どうしょ] /(n) the (above-mentioned) authorities/police (from said station)

独断専行 [どくだんせんこう] /(n,vs) (yoji) acting arbitrarily on one's own authority/acting arbitrarily without consultation

届ける(P);屆ける(oK) [とどける] /(v1,vt) (1) to deliver/to forward/to send/(2) to report/to notify/to file notice (to the authorities)/to give notice/to register

届け出伝染病 [とどけいででんせんびょう] /(n) infectious disease which by law a physician must report to the authorities within 24 hours of diagnosis

認証局 [にんしょうきょく] /(n) {comp} Certificate Authority

配す [はいす] /(v5s,vt) (1) (See 配する) to distribute/to arrange/to allot (to a position of authority, etc.)/(2) to arrange/to lay out (as in decorating)/(3) to marry off/(4) to exile/to banish

配する [はいする] /(vs-s,vt) (1) (See 配る) to distribute/to arrange/to allot (to a position of authority, etc.)/(2) to arrange/to lay out (as in decorating)/(3) (arch) to marry off/(4) (arch) to exile/to banish

白紙委任 [はくしいにん] /(n,vs) (yoji) carte blanche/blank check/blank cheque/unconditional authority

発行官庁 [はっこうかんちょう] /(n) issuing authority

発行機関 [はっこうきかん] /(n) issuing authority

罷免権 [ひめんけん] /(n) authority to dismiss someone (from a position)

表見代理 [ひょうけんだいり] /(n) apparent authority

風を吹かす [かぜをふかす] /(exp,v5s) (after noun) (See 先輩風を吹かす) to exercise one's authority as a (noun)/to act as a (noun)

幅を利かせる;巾を利かせる [はばをきかせる] /(exp,v1) to throw one's weight around/to exercise one's authority/to make one's presence felt

分権 [ぶんけん] /(n) decentralization of authority/decentralisation of authority

兵権 [へいけん] /(n) military authority

返納 [へんのう] /(n,vs) returning (to the authorities)/restoring

命名機関 [めいめいきかん] /(n) {comp} naming-authority

妄りに;濫りに;猥りに [みだりに] /(adv) (1) without authority/(2) without reason/unnecessarily/(3) recklessly/indiscriminately/arbitrarily

要路 [ようろ] /(n) (1) main or important road/(2) influential or important position/the authorities

力 [ちから] /(n) (1) force/strength/might/vigour (vigor)/energy/(2) capability/ability/proficiency/capacity/faculty/(3) efficacy/effect/(4) effort/endeavours (endeavors)/exertions/(5) power/authority/influence/good offices/agency/(6) (See 力になる) support/help/aid/assistance/(7) stress/emphasis/(8) means/resources

連邦当局 [れんぽうとうきょく] /(n) federal authorities

老大家 [ろうたいか] /(n) venerable authority/elderly master

僭上越権 [せんじょうえっけん] /(n) (yoji) exceeding (overstepping) one's powers (competence, authority)/abuse of one's legal authority/acting ultra vires

睨みが利く;睨みがきく [にらみがきく] /(exp,v5k) (obsc) to have authority (over)

睨みを利かせる;にらみを利かせる [にらみをきかせる] /(exp,v1) (1) (See 睨みが利く・にらみがきく) to have authority over/to exercise one's authority (over)/(2) to glare/to scowl at/to glower at

蟠踞;盤踞 [ばんきょ] /(n,vs) (1) becoming firmly established/putting down strong roots/(2) exercising authority/being dominant/holding sway/(3) (orig. meaning) settling in a coiled shape

What miraculous sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this?

I don't have the authority to give you the green light.

He is an authority on physics.

It is necessary to obtain the sanction of the authorities to enter this building.

I heard it on good authority.

The doctor is a great authority children's diseases.

The doctor is great authority on children's diseases.

The scholar is an authority on fiscal policy.

That professor is an authority on Shakespeare.

The teacher has no authority with his students.

I have read a good many books to discover what the authorities had to say that made the matter a little plainer.

Getting rid of garbage has become a major headache for the authorities.

Napoleon was a man of authority.

Ritsuko is something of an authority on the subject.

Only after a century and a half of confusion was the royal authority restored.

By what authority do you order me to do this?

The students revolted against authority.

Teachers shouldn't fall back on their authority.

The widespread application of administrative guidance is considered to be a uniquely Japanese practice in which bureaucrats exert authority, without any legal backing, telling the private sector what to do and what not to do.

My brother's an authority on philosophy.

My brother is an authority on philosophy.

My elder brother is a philosophical authority person.

For the boy, his father represented authority.

Abuse one's authority.

To persuade somebody that your recommendation is reasonable and wise, you have to give reasons and quote known examples and authorities.

The political offender rebelled against the police authority.

The authorities sent in troops to quell the riot.

The governor invested him with full authority.

The authorities started going into the case.

The authorities have been hiding the facts from the public.

The authorities managed to stabilize the currency.

The authorities are striving in vain to stabilize the currency.

The authorities are trying to dispel the doubts about his death.

Our university authorities are considering the admission of handicapped students.

The Japanese fiscal authorities are weighing measures to restore public confidence in their economic management.

Japanese people tend to rely on established authority.

He has got both authority and ability.

He is a recognized authority on the subject.

He is the last man to submit to authority.

He is a good enough authority on jazz.

He is an authority on criminal law.

He is a great authority on economics.

He delegated his authority to his competent assistant.

He succumbed to authority.

He has no authority with over his own children.

He abuses his authority.

He is the foremost authority on heart surgery.

He is an authority of the humanities study.

He is an authority on China.

He was a great authority on astronomy, or the science of the heavenly bodies.

He has no authority over his staff members.

The school authorities started to take action at their request.

They looked on him as an authority.

He gave me authority to fire them.

She is looked on as the leading authority on the subject.

The consultant, who is under the authority of the Chancellor, gives the committee advice on important questions.

At the port authority at a local airport.

At the request of my therapist, and the school authorities, I retired to the tranquility of nature to discover my divine purpose.
退職し、自然の冷静さを楽しんでいる さて、一杯でものまないか?

At which point your sense of civic duty Kicks in, you rush to the phone, you call the authorities to report that your girlfriend may have become the victim of foul play.
その時点で 市民の義務に目覚めて 急いで電話を取り ガールフレンドが犯罪に 巻き込まれたかもしれないと 当局に通報すべきだ

Authorities are also on the lookout for Connor's son John, as well as an unidentified female accomplice.
当局は息子のジョンと 身元不詳の女子学生を捜索中です

Authorities are asking citizens who live in the five Boroughs to stay inside your homes.
そこで当局は 五つの地区の住民に... 注意を呼び掛けています

Authorities are asking for your help in identifying this man believed to be responsible for today's bizarre string of crimes.
当局は協力を呼びかけています - - 容疑者は信頼のおける - - 男性とみられており -

Authorities are not releasing details and we have very little information at this time.
当局は詳細を発表して折らず 我々にはごくわずかな情報しか有りません 現時点では

Authorities are still investigating Graham's shocking murder.
グラハム氏の暗殺は 大変ショッキングでしたが...

Authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the blast which killed all 32 employees of the desert canyon heat and air plant earlier this week.
今週初めに全従業員32名が死亡した デザートキャニオン空調工場の 爆発原因は調査中です

Authorities believe that Nikita Mears may have planted the bomb on Gordon while she was holding him hostage.
当局はニキータ・ミアーズが ゴードンを人質にしている間... 彼に爆弾を仕掛けた との見解を強めています

Authorities believe that he is a significant threat to the public and are asking for any information that could lead to his capture.
当局はかなりの脅威としており 情報提供を求めています

Authorities can now activate the microphone inside your phone, allowing them to eavesdrop on you and your conversations.
当局は携帯電話の マイクロホンを操作可能です 当局は会話盗聴を許容しています

Authorities declare the need to house ten million people is too urgent to consider delaying the new town development.
政府は、と宣言しています 人口増加のニーズ... も、考慮することがあまりにも急務である ニュータウンプロジェクトをキャンセルする。

Authorities had been rejected before, many times.

Authorities have cleared out the station after an unidentified woman fell onto the tracks and was killed.
(専門家によりますと) (身元不明の女性が線路に落ちて)

Authorities have confirmed an avian flu outbreak. Forecast, cloudy skies...
鳥インフルエンザを 当局は確認

Authorities have detected no sign of him ever since.
それ以来 消息を絶ったままである

Authorities have not yet ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack.
当局は まだ除外されていません テロ攻撃の可能性があります

Authorities have released dramatic footage of the sunken remains of oceanic flight 815.
海底に沈んでいたオーシャニックフライト815 の写真を公開しました

Authorities in San Francisco are attributing a tremendous amount of lives saved thanks to local experts, who were able to give ample warning of the massive quake.
サンフランシスコ当局の 発表です 多くの人命が地元の専門家の おかげで助けられました 地震の警告を伝えることが 出来たからです

Authorities in several states are ordering evacuations, reporting severe weather conditions.
"避難命令が 出ている州も有ります"

Authorities literally wanted to cover up the train, bury the train.
当局は文字どおり事故車両を 地中に埋めて隠そうとしました

Authorities outside still don't know the composition or the origin of the dome.

Authorities recommend that the following actions should be taken by all the members of the public.
"市民はガイドに 従って下さい"

Authorities say both assailants are still at large and should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
当局は両方の襲撃者が まだ逃走中だと話しました 武装して非常に 危険であると思われます

Authorities say it could have been a robbery.

Authorities say they will continue their investigation.

Authorities show up when they get wind of a girl with her ability.
娘の能力を 当局が嗅ぎ付けてくる

Authorities will not speculate as to why he wants her dead body.
[当局は 彼がなぜ彼女の死体を 持ち去ったのかは] [明らかにしていません]

Aw, crap. By the authority of the Nova corps, you are under arrest...
89P13 武器を捨てろ

Because of the corruption between the authority and the contractor.
汚職がらみの手抜き工事が 原因です

Because this is the kind of authority that I have here.

Being covered up by the authorities.

Better than being under Pope's authority.

Bold contemptuous of authority and irresistible to women.
大胆で、 権威を軽蔑し、 女性には抵抗できない。

Burmese authorities have announced that elections will be held in may.
ビルマ当局によると 選挙は5月に開催されると発表しました

But Adrian cross has spent the last decade eluding authorities.
だがこの十年 クロスは― 当局の手を逃れてきた

But I don't see how she would have the authority to sign such a document.
彼女にそのような文書に署名する 権限があるんでしょうか

But Simmons gave me the authority to pull your card anytime I want.
でも シモンズは権限をくれた いつでも望む あなたのカードを引くことを

But also there was an ambivalence towards authority.
しかし 権威に対する 相反する感情もあったのです

But authority is not enough to make people your partners.
しかし権威だけで みんなをパートナーにすることはできません

But it was damaged during Katrina and the authorities used this as an excuse to declare this sacred space a safety Hazard.
でもカトリーナの被害を受けた 当局はこれを理由に 聖地を 危険な場所と宣言した

But people relied on authorities like that.

But then authorities did something very smart.
そこで中国政府は とても賢いことをしました

But you complained and your team of lawyers leaned on the authorities.
だがキミのチームは 当局へ抗議した

Buy in bulk, and you draw the attention of the authorities. But if you use someone else's name...
〈大量に買えば 当局に目を付けられる〉

By authority of security, we're taking you in.
セキュリティー権限において お前を連行する。

By submitting myself to the traditional authorities.
身を捧げることで 確保できていましたが

By the time I'm done, you'll be solving crimes in the port authority bus station.
バスの誘導係にする事も 出来るんだぞ

By the transitional authorities running the networks there.

By the way, president. Your remarks just now could become an abuse of authority, so please be careful.
ちなみに 社長 今のご発言も 職権乱用になってしまいますので?

By whose authority are you doing this?

Call his father to say that he's reporting his boss to the authorities?
自分のボスを告発するって 父親に電話する?

Call the port authority. Stop all the trains!
港湾局に電話だ 全ての車両だ!

Call the transit authority, school board, prisons. Get every bus down to a hospital.
災害対策局 学校 刑務所 どこでもいい バスを借りて来い

Can you show that you had legal authority over that document?
文書の法的権利は お持ちですか?

Chief, we should enter a plea for suspension of parental authority.
所長 ここは 親権の一時停止を 申し立てるべきです。

Classic conservation job... Under authority of me, of course... The director of this museum, which I still am.
古典的な保護仕事だ... 私の権限の下で... この博物館の責任者だ

Close... About an important delivery, which makes sense, because van Hess is a supervisor at the port authority at a local airport.
閉店... 重要配達に関して ヴァン・ヘスが管理者だから 理にかなってる

Come on, how sexy does authority look on me?

Come with us to the authorities. Help them confirm his identity.

Constance Sutton has been removed from authority, and all of her men have been placed in custody.
"コンスタンス・サットンは 解任された" "彼女の部下は すべて拘留される"

Davis doesn't have that kind of authority.

Defying the local authorities, they did the unthinkable.

Did you call the authorities the police or family services after you first found out that Marco was left alone... After his mother's arrest?
電話の事を お聞きしますが 母親が逮捕され マルコが一人の時 福祉局に電話は?

Do I have absolute autonomy and authority on this?

Do you have any authority for doing this?
君には権限が あるのかね?

Don't question your boss. Such authority is not yours.
上司に向かって質問をするな。 お前に そんな権限はない。

Don't talk to me about authority.

Dr. Fudo, you no longer have the authority to do that.
不動博士 すでに あなたに そんな権限はない。

Dr. Schaefer is an authority on toxicology.
言ってることが 分かってるか?

Either the authorities didn't know, or they didn't want to know.
施設は見て見ぬふりをして 赤ん坊を引き取り ――

Even if I had the authority to do that, which I don't, it's not a good idea.
僕に権限があっても 勧めない

Evidently someone with the authority to make decisions has arrived.
どうやら決定権を持つ 偉い手が到着したようだな

Excuse me, but what was that about reporting to the authorities that you mentioned earlier?
あの 先ほど おっしゃっていた告発とは?

Excuse me, father, but we have the authority to do this with or without your approval.
命令を受けているんです あなたの同意は不要です

Financed by the metropolitan transit authority.

For our prosperity, we give full authority to protect the regulations.
わたくし 杉作は 表現規制に関する全権を...

From there, it's relatively simple for the police to run a cellular interceptor on my phone, find my location, quick call to the local authorities...
君には わかるだろうと思って・・・ そこからは 比較的簡単だ 警察が僕の電話の発信地を調べて

General, I am an officer in the united states military. You don't even have the authority.
将軍 私は合衆国の軍人で 貴方の権限外ですが...

German authorities have refused us access.

Get the chopper read sir, on whose authority?

Given his history, I was advised to return him to the authorities.
彼を連邦局に戻すよう アドバイスされた

Have you ever been questioned by the authorities?

He authorities are going to start monitoring your usual forms of communication.

He defied authority... What will he do next?

He doesn't have the authority to do that!

He has a complicated response to authority.
あの子の権力の反応は 複雑ですね

He hasn't the authority to mobilize trainees for active duty.
その規則を破った源教官が 罰せられるのは当然だ 座れ

He is considered by many authorities to be the most dangerous man alive.
彼は当局から... 最も危険な男とされる人物だ

He thought he was bringing the box back to the authorities.
箱を当局に返そうと 考えたみたい

He was a real authority on mysticism and the occult.
彼は神秘主義と オカルト科学の権威だから

He was a truck driver, and van Hess worked at the port authority handling all incoming shipping at that airport, so...
彼はトラック運転手だった で バン・ヘスは港湾局で働いてる その空港に入って来る輸送を取り扱ってる それで...

He's a good boy, obeys authority... A perfect subject for a trance.
彼は善人だ 権威には従う・・・ 催眠術の被験者として完璧だ

He's given us his word he won't alert the authorities.
警察に通報しない事を、 約束してくれた。

He's speaking with authorities right now in the command tent behind me.
現在は、後ろのテントで 聴取を受けていますが...

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